While in alternate planes of existence the Time of Troubles was a time when the gods had forsaken the world and magic ran amok, for the land of Genora, it was quite different. Instead of being forsaken, it was sought out, for in this land a struggle was made, a battle fought, to see what rising deity would take it as its own. The pantheon watched eagerly, with mixed hopes and fears over the outcome, for whichever power prevailed over the land of Genora would be accepted as a new member of the Pantheon, a new god.

3 Continents:




7 Kingdoms:


-Lel-nal-An elven kingdom which has maintained its ties to nature for generations. They live in the forests, in cities built within, and from, the trees themselves. Druids run the religion, and many societies. They hate arcane magic, for they have seen great destruction rained upon them over the years by nations that use wizards as a backbone of armies.

-Hal-Alnairn-Ail-Another elven kingdom, home to elves of a more “civilized” nature. They live in cities of magically built stone and wood, melded into glorious forms. They prize knowledge and the arcane arts, which are prevalent in nearly all societies.

-Alendileinarial-An Eladrin, or High Elf, kingdom that prides itself on being the best kingdom in the land of Genora for the magical arts. They also find that their elven neighbors are quite bothersome, and sometimes prosecute their kinfolk “for the betterment of the kingdom.”


-Ingartrum-A traditional dwarven kingdom based in the mountains of Elnarlak. These dwarves are quite attuned to their ancient dwarven ways, and still mine, build fortresses, and treat laws as dwarves do in all the other worlds.

-Aeridia-A dwarven and gnome run kingdom based on the power of the mind. They are inventors, tinkers, and explorers, and constantly find new ways to do old things. It is here that the SkyForge is located, as well as where most Artificers hail from.

-Grumnok-An orcish kingdom with a modicum of civilization. The orcs here hail from an ancestry that fought hard to stake a place in the world where they wouldn’t be seen as dumb brutes and more as true races of power. Now the world has settled them in as trade partners, but are still wary of the humanoid race.


-Inglisium-The human kingdom is based on a feudal nature, with the King ruling over the land. A traditional human society, but also the home to the Clockwork Capital, a gnomish city of the brightest minds in the world. For housing this city, Inglisium tends to receive some of the most advanced war machines in the world.


- Maiden of Mysteries -

Alignment: Neutral Good

Key Location: Hal-Alnairn-Ail

Tenets: Search of Truth, Intellect, Wisdom

Description: A beautiful maiden who seems to be a cross between elveln, eladrin, and human. She is blind, and wears a mask that covers her face, so very few have ever viwed her true features. She is a master spellcaster, especially in the art of illusions. She is also a master marksman, utilizing mysterious sources to fire her 6 foot longbow with deadly precision.

- Magistrate -

Alignment: Lawful Good

Key Location: Inglisium

Tenets: Truth, Justice, Honor

Description: The Magistrate is a figure clad in full plate armor at all times. His ornate armor hides nothing about his demeanor, however. He is tough, cold, and his resolve to destroy all evil in the world with his powerful gauntlet is second to none.

- Clockwork -

Alignment: Neutral

Key Location: Aeridia, Clockwork Capital

Tenets: Animation, Mechanization, War

Description: Clockwork is a mechanized construct focused on a pocket dimension at its core. Because of this, it can change size at will, and it contains every weapon in existence, as well as many magical items. It’s goal is nothing less than a wiping of the organic races to make room for a new mechanical species.

- Oaken One -

Alignment: Neutral Good

Key Location: Lel-nal

Tenets: Protection of Nature, Healing, Safety

Description: The Oaken One is a thousand foot Oak tree with full sentience and movement capabilities. It is tired of the senseless destruction of nature, and comes to bring an end to mechanization.

- Hollow -

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Key location: Inglisium

Tenets: Death

Description: Hollow is a Lich of unprecedented power. He tires of life on the material Plane, and plans to bring death to all its inhabitants. He wishes to bring power to the plane through undeath.

- AshHeart -

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Key Location: Grumnok

Tenets: Power: Chaos, Destruction, Fire

Description: The demon AshHeart is small in size, but his size only hides his true power. The charred black and emaciated figure is a demon who is fed up with life as he sees it. He plans to burn the world away and start anew, for the worthy to rule and the weak to only rest on the land on the ash that is left of their bodies.

Demideity Chronicles