Demideity Chronicles

Dungeon Delve

The adventurers (minus one) explore a strange extradimensional dungeon. They find electrical obelisks, chained Kyton devils, and a huge pool of water which housed a giant Kraken. The devils proved easy pickings to the brutal attacks of the group, but the Kraken proved a more dangerous foe. Even while it simply floated in the water, toying with the adventurers, it nearly killed one of the group, and sent the others fleeing in terror. Only the wisdom-draining powers of summoned Allips kept the beast at bay, and left it immobilized to be hacked to pieces by the adventurers.

Enemies defeated: Kyton, Kyton, Kyton, Kyton, Kraken

Exp. Obtained:

Items Obtained: 9000sp, 2600gp, 2400gp(11 gems), +4 Masterwork Composite Longbow(800gp), +2 Masterwork Composite Longbow(600gp), Chain Shirt(100gp), Potion of Bless Weapon, Potion of Magic stone, Wand of Burning Hands (35 charges), Scroll of Knock(A), Scroll of Detect evil – Detect animal or plants – Lesser restoration, Rope of Stone(M176), Mask of Lies(M115), Robe of useful items(D266), Clear spindle Ioun stone(D260), Ring of Evasion.



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